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For web browsing reasons, the images on this site are displayed at a low resolution and image quality is, therefore, not representative of that obtainable from a full resolution photographic print.

I cannot stress this point enough - screen resolution is, at most, 10% of print resolution and even this vastly reduced image quality is totally dependent upon the quality and calibration of the monitor.

The vast majority of the images on this site were taken using digital cameras with a sensor resolution greater than 16 million pixels and the cameras I now use for the majority of my work are made by Leica and Sony - the Leica S (typ 007 and typ 006) "medium format" DSLR cameras which have a 37 million pixel, 45mm x 30mm sized sensor and the Sony A7R2 "mirrorless" camera, which has a 42 million pixel, "full frame", 36mm x 24mm sized sensor.

Although many of the images on this website were taken using a Hasselblad H4D-50 camera, which has a 50 million pixel, 48mm x 36mm sized sensor, I no longer use this camera as I ultimately found it unsuitable for use in anything other than a studio environment and certainly not in the harsher conditions encountered in the mountainous and coastal areas of the north western corner of Europe.

All digital images are prepared by myself using industry standard RAW conversion software and Adobe Photoshop for the final TIFF image. Other than adjusting each image to remove any dust and blemishes and to enhance contrast and saturation, the images are not digitally manipulated and remain faithful to my recollection of the original scene. Images taken on film, in the years before 2004, were principally scanned using a Nikon LS8000ED dedicated film scanner, capable of scanning medium format film to 6x7 format size. Film images larger than that were scanned using an Epson flatbed scanner.

Digital imaging has progressed immensely since I first began using it in 2004 and images taken on the camera systems used are capable of producing high resolution images, with the ability to produce large photographic prints of great tonal purity and colour depth.

To retain this image resolution, tonal purity and colour depth, photographs are printed on heavyweight digital fine art paper, using archival quality inks tested to remain stable for 100 years or more.

For ease of handling and framing, all prints have a white border and are signed and limited to editions of 50 each, per print size. Print sizes quoted include the border.

Prints up to A2 size (22"x17") are made by myself using an Epson Sure Color P800 printer. Larger prints are made by a specialist photographic printing company, details of which can be found in the links section of this website.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, I would recommend that only images taken on the Leica S, Sony A7R2, Sony A7R or Hasselblad cameras are used for the largest print size offered - that of A1. To aid this selection, the camera used to capture each image is noted in the image narrative.

Should you wish an unlimited edition print on a paper type or to a size not provided, please use the contact section of my site to send me an email giving details of your needs.

Should you wish any of the images on this website in black and white as opposed to colour, again please use the contact section of my site to send me an email giving details of your needs.

Should you wish a print from an image on my other website, details of which are in the links section of this website, please use the contact section of this site to send me an email giving details of your needs. That website contains many images taken on conventional film cameras as well as digital cameras.

Please remember that all of the images on this site are copyright protected and may only be used, reproduced or copied with the express, written permission of the photographer.